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Shapeshifter Cephalopod


Sometimes a creative thought bursts out from the most unexpected places. I dreamed an undersea dream and woke up thinking, “So ugly, it’s beautiful, that curious cephalopod.” (I actually thought the word “octopus” but isn’t cephalopod somehow more poetic?”)

There is just something about the lowly octopus that delights and dazzles. Shapeshifter, dancer, a living kaleidoscope of colour! How could an octopus not tickle the imagination?

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2 Responses to “Shapeshifter Cephalopod”

  1. It’s impossible not to smile with delight when viewing this wonderful art.


  2. luise Grav says:

    On the beach at Rebecca Spit on Tuesday with grandchildren investigating an orange sunfish……with 15 arms……and the most amazing tentacles …hundreds under each arm……continuous oozing movement of pearlescent,luminescence…….slowly but rigorously moving mountains…….Today I wondered about you….knowing that you are creating images so evocative they demonstrate what’s at the periphery of my mind and find this almost illustration of the event that flooded my almost unconscious……Lots of love to you….

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