In this grove hides my missing child
Hair feral–thrown amongst tangled wood wild
Dirty knees, small fingers, bright teeth, sharp wit
She runs bramble–scramble, root–scamper
Brook–twinkle eyes alit

Dunboy Wood by Susanne Iles ©

I bend and whisper, heart–locked, calling gently
Palms up, empty hands, please remember me
She has been lost for a Fate’s thread of time
Or was it me who was shade drawn
From the path entwined
Playing grown up with ghosts melancholy?

Flashing gold green gold green through the leaves
She moves as silently as minnow-shimmer
“She‘s frightened soundless,” I think as I kneel to shrink
Enclosed, as small as small
As soft rain courses down my face
Meeting salty sea–tear glimmer

She breathes butterfly wings on my cheek
Spits a tongue–tumbled stone into my fingers
So smooth, so warm, “Have you fallen?” she asks
Her touch on my arm burns and lingers

Together we race
Through the curved cobbled space
Toward the light I falter, fear–fallen
Shadow–bound beneath branches
My child sunbeams and dances
And breaks my heart ‘til it stays open. To Menu At Top Of Page