Pocket Charm Against Lightning and the Devil

It's amazing what you can find if you keep your eyes open when going for a walk.

When my daughter was six years old, she discovered what looked like a petal or a leaf, or just an ordinary scrap of paper. Upon closer inspection we noticed that the paper was carefully stitched with blue thread.

The paper felt like calf skin and was folded over like a little pocket. We could see that there was something tucked inside. We debated whether or not we should open it as we thought it might be some kind of charm or talisman and were afraid of disrupting it.

Curiosity (of course!) got the better of us and we broke open one of the stitches to see what was inside.

Such a tiny piece of paper, so carefully folded...what could it be? Look how small it is sitting there on a five cent piece. We were going to need a magnifying glass to read it!
 It turned out to be prayers and a charm against lightning and the snares of the devil....
Some of the writing is as follows: (some of it I couldn't make out...such tiny, tiny writing!)

In illo tempore: Postquam consummati sunt dies octo, ut circumcideretur Puer; vocatum est nomen ejus Jesus, quod vocatum est ab Angelo priusquam in utero conciperetur.

It was followed by a small prayer and then the reparatory prayer known as "The Golden Arrow or Act of Praise."
"Be forever praised, blessed, loved, adored, glorified the most holy,most sacred, most adored, most unknown,most inexpressible Name of God in Heaven, on earth and in hell..."

The charm was tiny against the little coins....

The charm was tiny against the little coins....

My favourite bit however was the following charm:

In honor of the five letters which form His Name and by the Virtue of His Five Wounds,Jesus promises to grant to persons who will wear this little Gospel five special favors.

1st To be preserved from lightning.
2nd To be saved from the snares of the devil.
3rd Not to die a sudden or unforeseen death.
4th He will facilitate their walk in the path of virtue.
5th He will give final perseverance.


For now we are keeping it on our household altar hoping some of the luck will rub off on everybody who enters our home. 

My dear Wild Ones, what is the most unusual thing you have ever found while journeying? Please leave a comment below, you know I love hearing from you.

If you are curious about, "The Golden Arrow, or Act of Praise", you may be interested in the following book: The Golden Arrow : The Revelations of Sr. Mary of St. Peter