25 Stories from "Freeing Your Wild Heart"

I’ve started my life from scratch and have spent the last few weeks addressing my ideas, my business, my artwork and my goals. 2016 left me a bit shattered and scattered. Many of my Wild Ones (that’s you) have asked me to pull together a list of blog entries so that they can explore them at their leisure. Please find a list of 25 of your favourite stories below.

Thank you all for sticking by me and supporting our tribe’s vision while I went a’wandering. Here’s to a passionate, healthy, fruitful and adventurous 2017! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. (clicking on the bold titles will take you to the articles)

Sunflower Tea by Susanne iles

Sunflower Tea by Susanne iles


  1. Celebrate Your Landscape: Placemaking : I believe placemaking can extend beyond public spaces into personal ones. Here are a few “how-to’s” on creating your own sacred spaces.
  2. Pocket Charm Against Lightning and the Devil: It’s amazing what you can find if you keep your eyes open when going for a walk.
  3. Tea Anyone? Ten Uses for the Prickly Nettle Plant: Tea….anyone? The nettles here are verdant and bursting from the hedgerows. I’ve been tenderly havesting and drying a large batch of nettles for tea and other homeopathic/alchemical goodies.
  4. The Bahir: First Verses of Creation: I started a personal study of the Sefer Ha-Bahir, also known as The Book of Illumination because I am fascinated and curious about mystical writing.
  5. The Hand of the Philosophs: “This is the hand of the philosophers with their seven secret signs, to which the ancient sages were bound.”
Moving West by Susanne Iles

Moving West by Susanne Iles


  1. How Are You Going to Wake Up Your Daimon? Great philosophical questions turn on the relations of visible and invisible.
  2. My Wild Heart Cracked Open in the Womb of a Sweat Lodge : I believed if I stared hard enough into the darkness of the warm earth womb on that ice cold night, trees pointing like bare bones out of the black ground, I would find the answers I was seeking…..
  3. Violets Anyone? 5 Easy Steps to Make Wildcrafted Violet Syrup: One of the beautiful things about living on an island is the abundance of delectable resources.
  4. Saturnus: Father of All the Gods: For the alchemist, Saturn symbolizes the beginning of alchemical transformation, the necessary period of darkness before the light is released.
  5. How Can We Close the Cosmic Rift? We Can’t Do It Alone… : Human “consciousness has lifted the transcendent ever higher and farther away from actual life. The bridgeable chasm has become a cosmic void.” James Hillman- The Soul’s Code
Sacred Hart by Susanne Iles

Sacred Hart by Susanne Iles


  1. I Call Great Cupid (Eros), Source of Sweet Delight: I Call great Cupid [Eros], source of sweet delight, holy and pure, and lovely to the sight.
  2. Our Green Lion, The First Metal of the Wise: In alchemy the image of the Green Lion represents the second operation,Dissolution. Although imperfect during this stage, the soul burns with desire to ascend and grow, leaving the dross behind.
  3. The Androgyne: Androgyna, Adamic moulds, The gilded book, covered with very thin ore…
  4. When the Trickster Knocks at Your Door, Will You Answer? The Divine Trickster born of ancient myth and found in many cultures across the face of the world, is sometimes known as the Coyote, Raven, Rabbit or Fox. His form changes depending on language and culture.
  5. How Does Your Garden Grow? I should have known something would happen that morning. Guests would soon arrive. I had slept in, and storm clouds were conspiring to prove the weather forecaster wrong once again.
Poppy Fields by Susanne Iles

Poppy Fields by Susanne Iles


  1. Five Ways to Celebrate International Literacy Day: Reading has been one of the biggest joys in my life and I am grateful I’ve always had access to books. Help me celebrate International Literacy Day.
  2. Ten Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life: This morning I took the time to read someone else’s list of things to make your life happier….(guest post)
  3. Two Exciting Ways Procrastination Can Improve Your Life: As a serial impending-task-avoider, I’ve learned that procrastinating doesn’t make my life better. Instead, it instills anxiety and last minute panic.
  4. Cast Adrift on a Perilous Sea: Life is like the edge of an ice floe.
  5. Fellwater: The Hidden Houses: I’ve just finished reading the four books in the Fellwater: Hidden Houses series by author Brendan Myers, and let me tell you, it was quite the journey.
Sinaa by Susanne Iles

Sinaa by Susanne Iles


  1. The Grimoire of Armadel: A Meeting with Betel: I’ve long been interested in The Grimoire of Armadel in all its messy glory.
  2. Harry Potter Books: Mythology, Magic and Muggles: By opening the door to mythology and stories rich in symbolism, we introduce a fundamental world view where individuals can be wonderfully unique in their identities but still part of the larger tapestry of an ethical community.
  3. Waking Up from the Dream of Yourself: Popular spiritual teachers, such as Pema Chodron and Eric Tolle, talk about spaciousness and presence. (guest post)
  4. I Had His Six: I had his six. It was my job to watch his back and help keep him safe from harm. He had been deathly sick and was vulnerable. I had his back, but then I looked away. It was only for a moment, but it changed everything.
  5. Delicious Swiss Chard Lemony Lentil Soup: I was invited to a wonderful supper where the theme of the night was “Tasty Vegan Potluck”. The weather forecast was such that I knew it was going to be a chilly night so I thought I would make a dish that not only was warm and comforting but had flavour with some zing. (recipe)

Thank you again my Wild Ones. Please join me in 2017 for some new and wondrous adventures!

Works in progress in the art studio....

Works in progress in the art studio....