Book Review- Fellwater: The Hidden Houses

Maread and Aeducan pen and ink by Susanne Iles

(Maread and Aeducan, original pen and ink by Susanne Iles)

A fantasy-drama series that follows the descendants of ancient gods and heroes, secretly living in the modern world. It’s the demigods of Percy Jackson with the politics of Game of Thrones and House of Cards. Secret societies struggle for control of the last corners of the Earth where the Mythic Age survives. It’s a world of alliances and betrayals, cults and politics, friendship and power. It’s the thrill of making a wish, and the horror of it coming true. It’s where flawed, wounded, and lonely people can be heroes too.

I've just finished reading the four books in the Fellwater: Hidden Houses series by author Brendan Myers, and let me tell you, it was quite the journey. 

The Hidden Houses series is not your run-of-the-mill fantasy fiction filled with typical archetypal figures. The archetypes are there but are not cookie cutter in their attributes. Instead, the characters are richly varied in their depth of emotions, personalities, and vulnerabilities. There are those characters who are human, and those who are descended from the gods, yet their trials and tribulations feel very real. They are so well written that, over time, the players in this written drama become part of the reader's world. They are your friends and your enemies. You cheer for them when things go well, and shed more than a few tears when things get twisted around.

Speaking of twists, there are enough bends and turns in these books to keep you on your toes. Flying boats, battles using combinations of modern firearms and medieval weaponry, ancient magic, political power struggles and more fill the pages.

If you are into intelligent urban fantasy fiction, then the Fellwater: Hidden Houses books are for you.

To pick up copies of the books for your personal library, please click on the links below. The books are available in both paperbook and Kindle formats.

Fellwater: Book One of the Hidden Houses

Hallowstone: Book Two of the Hidden Houses

Clan Fianna: Book Three of the Hidden Houses

Elderdown: Book Four of the Hidden Houses

An interesting note: Brendan Myers has written an RPG based on the world of the Hidden Houses. Although the video link  below is from a Kickstarter campaign that didn't quite make the mark, rumors in the gaming/literary community say the game is good and will be launched sometime in the near future. If you love the will love the game. Watch the video to learn more about Fellwater. Stay tuned for updates!

Fellwater Ildicoe and Eric by Susanne Iles