Ten Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life (by guest blogger Rique Boone)

hiking boots and camera photo rique boone

This morning I took the time to read someone else's list of things to make your life happier.... After reading the exhausting list (over 100 items)  One word kept coming to my mind.  BULLS**T
Life is pretty simple.  If you would like a few pointers on how to make it a bit more simple.... I don't presume to give advice... I just provide pointers... Read on: 

1. Learn how to calculate percentages.    http://www.helpingwithmath.com/by_subject/percentages/per_calculating.htm
2. If you spend more than 3 hours a day on ANY social media, cut it back by 60 % (see #1).  If you spend more than 2 hours a day on social media, cut it back by 50% (see #1).  The world will not stop spinning, fall off its axis, and tumble screaming into the sun.
3. Cut down on cigarettes.  I'm not saying quit...yet!.... If you smoke a pack a day, cut down 10% (see #1).  Every 10 days, you save the price of a pack. (see #5)
4. If you don't smoke, cut one vice by 20% (see #1).  A mocha-frappe-half-latte-extra shot of espresso with a sprinkle of cinnamon at $5 a cup per day, or fast food every day for lunch at $7-$15 per day.   Don't panic....that's only once a week.
5. Save  money for a “rainy day” or vacation or little gift to yourself.  Even if it is just a “fiver” stuffed  in a coffee cup in the cupboard.  There WILL be some extra money every week (see #3 and #4)
6. Buy a camera.  I'm not talking about a big complicated expensive Hasselblad http://www.hasselblad.com (look them up, they're pretty cool!), I mean a small digital pocket camera. If you can't afford one, think of it as a reward for #3 and #4.
7. Talk to, DO NOT text someone you like.  As a society, we seem to be losing the personal interaction and have learned to hide behind the electronic fortress/security blanket of the internet (see #2)
8. Take a walk. Preferably with someone you like, and to whom you would like to talk. (see #7).  This also provides the opportunity to use your new camera (see #6)
9. Learn the proper use of the word “whom”.  http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/education/grammar/who-versus-whom
10. Take a picture of something beautiful or funny (see #6 and  #8). DO NOT post it on social media (see #2).  Keep it just for yourself, your gift to you!  If you don't have your camera yet, commit that image to memory.   You can give yourself that gift anytime.  

(Rique is a Biker, horseman, saddler, firefighter, HazMat Tech, soldier, and medical first responder, not necessarily in that order....He can be found traveling the world and writing on his Google Plus page here)