SusanneIles.Com... about the creation of fine art, passionate living, and helping you free your wild heart by showing you that it's possible to transform each day into an adventure. Please join me as I journey around the world, explore new ideas, go adventuring, and create artwork. Together we will follow our wild hearts into worlds known and unknown.
Nephalim, original ink painting by Susanne Iles

Nephalim, original ink painting by Susanne Iles

Work In Progress for a magazine cover, Susanne Iles


Susanne Iles is a vigorous, intelligent, and gifted painter and writer who is full of originality and style. She takes her work very seriously and has much to offer society today. “Spiritual art” tends to be shallow and sentimental, but Susanne’s work takes much substance from the traditions and is informed by her knowledge about image, symbol, and emblem.
— Thomas Moore (author-Care of the Soul)
Susanne’s work has a universal appeal, no doubt because she’s so tapped into the symbolism and colour affinities that lend it both beauty and depth. She’s also an incredibly gracious artist and a pleasure to work with. We’re thrilled to have published her “Kimono” in Zymbol Issue 2 and will follow her career with interest.
— Anne James (Founding Editor, Zymbol ♦ Brand & Marketing Strategist ♦ Content Writer ♦ Typo Slayer)
I have learned so much about life,technique, and symbolism from Susanne . A wonderful curator, judge, critic, writer, and creative artist , she has it all. Susanne is multitasked and with any endeavor , there is a deeper understanding of the concept. Her end results will reflect a profound impact on any project.
— Cile Bailey (Owner and Photographer, headshotsalive)
Susanne is an extremely talented artist and writer. Her passion shows through in her work which is of the highest standard. She is consistently creative and and multi-talented and her enjoyment in her work is apparent to all who know her
— Ellen McDermott (Director & CEO at Build The Life You Love)