Susanne Iles painting

Five Great Reasons to Join the Wild Heart Tribe

To celebrate new beginnings and a passionate sense of adventure, I am inviting you to join the Wild Heart Tribe. (it's free!)

Membership includes:

1) Occasional newsletters filled with fresh ideas, photos, works in progress, Wild Heart events, and more.

2) Early access to view original fine art, with special purchase discounts for members.

3) Invitations to Wild Heart events like art shows, dinner parties, geocaching, and getaways.

4) Access to competitions and prize draws.

5) Valued members will also be given clues to the hiding places of Wild Heart Keys, which are hidden around the world. If you find a Wild Heart Key, email me with the details written on the key, and I will send you an original piece of artwork.

I respect your privacy and won’t share your contact details with others.
— My promise to my Wild Ones (that's you!)